Quickie Review: Annette Fletcher's Perfect in Ten Pilates

Annette Fletcher's Perfect in Ten: Pilates is a nice little whole-body workout, including light warmup and stretching.

First, a clarification: there are five segments. I suppose that the first one wasn't advertised as a workout segment since it's more of a warmup, but it does consist of pilates moves. Also, doing all five segments adds up to about 57 minutes of exercise. Somewhere, the math is off.

Fletcher is straightforward and clear -- no perky encouragements here. I like that every single move and breath are cued. I also like that, for tougher moves, she will have you do a preparatory movement sequence, and that she sometimes shows modifications. (This is especially the case for ab work.)

The movements are indeed difficult, especially to do precisely. Still, except for the abs section, I can't say I really felt much of a burn. Doing the arm, leg and glute work felt more like pleasant stretching than strength training. I've had a more intense workout from other pilates programs.

All in all, I'll probably do the program again, though probably when I want a wake-up and stretching regimen with some mild strength training.

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