Review: Gerson Kuhr's Core Training for Belly Dancers

I wasn't sure at first whether to buy Core Training for Belly Dancers. I wondered whether the exercises were all that different than the usual ab work, and if one actually winds up using it frequently enough to make it worth paying $30 for a twelve-minute workout.

Gerson Kuhr and two bellydancers

I eventually decided to take the risk and buy it, and I have to say, I've been extremely pleased. It doesn't give an intense burn like a 40 minute ab video, but it is very focused, the exercises are unusual enough not to be boring (though crunches are in there too), and it does give the feeling of being tighter after doing it. I also really like that he has a pelvic tilt exercise (for the transverse abdominis muscle) and two lower back exercises to balance out the ab work.

Also, while I don't do it every day, I've found that this is the one video I turn to when I want to do *something* physical that day, but am too tired/don't have enough time to do an hour or something.

Bellydancers demonstrating static back stretch

The enclosed booklet has descriptions of all the exercises with photos and muscle explanations. Brilliant!

This is not a video which promises magic weight loss or a complete transformation. But it is a good little ab workout, and you're likely to do it more often than the longer, more intense videos. Little by little, that work takes its effect. I should also mention that, pharaoh outfit aside, this video would be useful for *anyone* looking to slip a little ab exercise into their schedule. None of the moves are bellydance moves -- they're just ideal for dancers who need a powerful core.

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