Mala on setting up a dance practice

If you haven't had a chance to read it yet, do go and take a look at Mala's post on setting up a dance practice:

This is something I'm obsessed with, since I have so many videos, so much enthusiasm, and so little time. The best thing I've done for my practice is starting this blog and trying to review videos more often -- it motivates me to work with new programs and revisit old ones.

But what spoke to me most about Mala's post is this: sometimes we amateurs want to be super-organized and ambitious about dancing, especially when we fall, and fall hard, for something as enchanting as bellydance. But the thing is, it's sometimes good to remember that we're not professionals. That doesn't mean not taking dance seriously, but it does mean that we have to remember to have fun with it, because nobody is giving us a grade or a cheque at the end of our dances. We're doing it for ourselves.

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