IAMED essay contest for the near-win!

Dear readers, I thought I'd share a little something with you. I just got word that my entry to IAMED's 2013 essay contest won second place. Woo hoo! I'm especially delighted by the generous prize of four DVDs, which I have been having a lot of fun choosing.

The prompt asked us to describe our favourite part of the bellydance routine, and I wrote about the drum solo:
This is how I started to fall for the drum solo. It can be fierce and tight, full of pops and locks, but it can also be cool and relaxed, with travel moves and big shimmies. And it’s the perfect do-it-yourself version of bellydance. You don’t need to have a lot of space for traveling moves, or the right floor for spins, or ceilings high enough to practice the veil. I can listen to a drum solo while waiting for the bus, and play with the rhythms under my winter coat. And even more exciting, you don’t need a full orchestra to enjoy dancing to live music. Find one drummer who is really into it, even if he or she hasn’t mastered all of Arabic or Turkish percussion, and you can have music and dance to it.
You can read the entire essay online here.

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