Roundup: Bellydance Floorwork

Readers, I'm starting a new series in the blog. It's something I've wanted to do in a while: posts that give a list of videos for a particular dance specialty, be it a prop or a dance style, along with where to buy them.

I kept thinking I had to do reviews of all the DVDs in a certain area before I could publish a list, but let's face it, that will take some time. So I thought: why not come up with the lists first, and then link to reviews as I write them?

In addition, just to make the resource more useful, I'll add any interesting or useful articles I find on the topic.

One more thing: I really welcome reader suggestions. Please add any videos I've missed in the comments, and I'll update the posts on a regular basis! These posts are meant to grow with time.

Bellydance Floorwork Videos

Ruby's Flawless Floorwork: The Lost Art of Belly Dance Floorwork.

Anaheed's Classic Cabaret Floor Work

Tanna Valentine's Floorwork: Bellydance for Body Shaping

Sarah Skinner's The Celebration Bellydance Workout: Mood-Lifting Bellydance Flow & Workout (one of the workout sections is floor work, and some of the instructions are specific for floor work)

Fat Chance Belly Dance's Tribal Basics, Vol. 8: FloorWork

Saqra's Floor Dancing Technique

Rachel Brice's Laybacks, Drops, Zippers & Floorwork (parts of this video rental are useful for floorwork)

Veda Sereem's Floor Work

Cory Zamora's Cabaret Bellydancing Floor Moves Advice

Delilah's BellyDance Workshop Volume III

Articles on Floorwork

Shems' Floor Work in Oriental Dance (history and cultural context)

Nita's blog post, "bellydance floorwork & Purvottanasana: upward plank pose"(on using yoga to build strength for floorwork)

Morocco's essay Getting Down to Floorwork (also historical and cultural context)

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